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Financial Institutions


Representation For Financial Institutions

Our attorneys at Greenberg, Whitcombe, Takeuchi & Gibson, LLP, have broad experience handling day-to-day operations questions and all aspects of lender liability and operations defense for our banking clients. GW has also acted as collection counsel for a large number of community and regional banks over the years, providing fast, efficient debt recovery enabling management to maintain low levels of loan loss reserves.

Protecting Your Best Interests

We understand many of the issues facing community and regional banks, including FDIC compliance, CRA, account set-off, loan collateral, discrimination, avoidance of lender liability, and other matters.

On the litigation side, this includes providing employment defense for banks and lenders, taking asset recovery actions and providing general representation for FDIC-insured banks and lenders. On the transactional side, we assist with loan structuring, loan analysis, loan defaults and general guidance and counsel for banks and lenders.

Small-Firm Attention. Large-Firm Results.

We offer small-firm attention with large-firm competency. We provide personal service and have extensive experience when:

  • Drafting loan documentation for participation, modifications, loan sales and workouts
  • Applying for preliminary remedies, including writs of attachment
  • Representing creditors in insolvency proceedings

We are always mindful of achieving cost-effective results. You will receive our direct attention throughout your case. You can trust that we will handle your issue promptly and effectively.

Our firm has handled all types of legal issues impacting lenders and banks in the U.S. Our knowledge of regulatory and compliance issues makes us well-suited to handle all of your legal needs.

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Addressing the issues financial institutions face often requires swift action. Trust our law firm to protect you. Call 310-540-2000 or contact us online to schedule a consultation to see how we can assist you.

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